Anyone know why this has just happened?


I was just flying my A330 from KLAX to KNUC when mid way through my journey I got a sing at the top of the game saying I have been reported and ghosted! This has never happened to me in all my 40 hours more of playing this game!

Firstly, when I loaded the game, there was NO ATC, just unicom, I announced take-off, then ATC (Tower) became live so I requested takeoff (I was lining up at the time) And so I waited, got a hold short. I checked the map, no incoming Planes at 24R so I requested again, I got clearance for immediate take-off.

But, ground said to contact them (I was lining up) so, I didn’t (I didn’t feel this was necessary!)

I don’t understand how I have been reported! I take this sim VERY serious. I never play around.

That’s strange you might tell this to the devs

Thanks for the reply! ;) Who are the devs, and how can I get a hold of them? :)

The are the developers off the game if you go the main website before logining you will support click on that and you will put your complaint and E-mail address and you should get a reply image

Sorry I mixed the pictures a bit but hope it’s help

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Thank you very much! :)

No problem

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All done, Thank you! :)

Your very welcome anytime for a flight enthusiast like you

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Thank you! :) I’d do the same for anyone else, such as yourself, if you ever required help. :D

Thank you and happy landings

Thanks, same for you :D

There is no way for us to prevent ghosting that is due to mistakes (and mistakes happen). We ask for everyone to understand that not a lot of ppl can be a flawless pilot or ATC controller. The best thing is to post in the Live ATC category and kindly ask the reason why you where ghosted (including the ATC callsign, time and location of the issue). Unfortunately you might not get an answer.

We are looking at improving direct communication between pilots and ATC but that is further down the road.

Update: we are slowly moving most of our support to this forum since a lot of questions can be answered by a quick search here or by other Infinite Flight users. If you don’t find an answer here you can try to email us, but expect delays since we are a very small team.


On the playground server ATCs aren’t able to ghost, neither to report.
You have been reported by three other pilots.

In my 260+ hours flight time I got reported in such a way only one time.
It happened when Live was launched (without ATC), a group of pilots with TPP in their nickname invaded Stansted and reported me. I guess I was disturbing their event or something…

I’m pretty sure this is the ghost bug, but I’ve never seen the ghost bug kick someone off the server for the current session, it’s kicked me off twice for 60 minutes though.

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