Anyone know why the 717 has such a steep descend,

first pic was with -1500 Fpm. The 2nd was with only -800. I have the same problem with the b757 and q400.

It’s an old and outdated flight model.


Sadly the 717 is quite an old aircraft and it’s flight model isn’t exactly up to scratch. You could slow down a little bit though, see if that helps 🧐


R.I.P passengers LOL.

was only going around 170-180 kts

That’s still quite fast though, especially with full flaps. Remember to pay attention to your airspeed and not the groundspeed

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Yeah. like the others said, it’s an outdated aircraft. Other models include the 757 and 767. In the future, they’ll probably be updated and then you won’t have that issue.

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This is old, but as the aircraft hasn’t been updated, it could be of use to you

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fair enough but 180 kiad at 3500 feet and 155 kiad at 1500 feet isnt extreamly fast. and for flap speeds i use it also has the speeds for every other aircraft in IF

For Q400 from my experience, this aircraft (Q400) is yeah may need soft way of treating especially vertical speed usage, i have ever un-controllable stalled when i was on the ILS for landing, of course to never forgo/et to watch speed when on youre driving this aircraft 😉

The Q400 is meant for no more than a -1500 descent, -1000 is probably the best. And don’t put any flaps down in it until about 150 kts. And don’t put flaps to 35 until about 102.5 kts.

sure but it still is quite steep compared to other planes

Again, it’s an older model. Sadly lots of the older models have broken flight models. Look at the 757 for example that can fly at a 90 degree pitch in some scenarios. It’s just best to try and practice with them until you feel comfortable flying them

No idea why. Ive been playing this game since 2013 and the 717 has been the only commercial aircraft i can’t fly

The Q400 has a nose down attitude on short final IRL apparently

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