Anyone know who is controlling in Istanbul rn?

Hey all, I wanted to have a chat with someone controlling in Expert at Istanbul… his name is Marco B… anyone know his @?

@Marco_B would be your guy.

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@Marco_B :)

Yam livery race…

For future reference, to look up someone’s IFC account:

If on mobile, in the search bar search a name with a @ right before it e.g @Rian_OShea

on pc, just type the name in the search bar, wait for the suggestions to pop up, beside then there should be a list of names.

to be honest I only figured this out a month ago😂

Some IFATC Display names and their IFC names sometimes are ambiguous. I suggets checking out and look at their list of controllers and their IFC usernames. :^)


Thanks ! 👍🏻

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