Anyone know what this is called

I know this is kind of irrelevant but just wanted to ask what this thing is I see it pop up on most Cockpit IRL landing videos and it basically pops up with a transition then goes away again with a fade transition again I wanted to use it for a video of IF but what is it called?

An airport tag maybe? Tagging the location of an airport?

Don’t think it has a specific name, but correct me if I’m wrong :)

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It is called tracking -_- but I can’t find anything else that has this kind of effect or transition on Mobile it’s only on pc Adobe AE

Those tags are named Callout tags.

Here’s a video of it:

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That’s right, mobiles can’t handle the tracking process. My previous laptop could just handle it…

Are there any alternate programs that are like adobe AR or premiere on PC that I can use for this

Thank you lots btw

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On mobile? Nope… maybe a normal ‘tracking app’.
On PC? Yes, Sony Vegas has just released the tracking method

Wait that are free though :))

Take a look here.

I don’t know if they all have a camera tracking system…

Not IF related.