Anyone know what happened to this flight?

FIRST OF ALL: I know I am in the wrong category, but “Real-World-Aviaton” isn’t showing up for me.

So today I wanted to do a flight from KJFK to KSEA and started looking at flight aware so I could get a realistic airline, plane, callsign, FPL, etc. but one of the flights had diverted, and I was very curious why and I couldn’t find out… does anyone know why?

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Well, it went so fast, it went off the radar, hence why it was around 6 hours early. By the time it arrived, it was back in New York


Ohhhh I didn’t know it had to do with trust level haha, I’m sorry

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Gotta be TL2 to post in RWA. To answer your question, it looks like a mechanical issue or ill passenger.


Oh okay. I always find it cool to find diverted landings on flight aware

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The flight isn’t scheduled to depart until 1826 eastern weekdays, I doubt passengers were on board.


Diversion details (mechanical, medical or other reason of similar nature) are generally not disclosed on the flight tracking websites. You’d have a better shot at going to JFK Airport Twitter page or other social media sites to see if anything is said about it. Some online flight boards may include the reason. But FlightAware & FR24 likely won’t disclose reasons. For safety and security purposes.