Anyone Know this?

Any of You know how long this flight will take In real Time?


6:30-7:30 hours is a good estimate.


Coincidence? I’m flying the same route but to MMUN

My guess is 5:00 to 6:00 hours


Ok Thanks :)

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XD Welp Nice to meat you I never knew someone could have the same route, Also Im new I started Febuary 12th with pro :>

Well, I thought it said MMUN above but it didn’t. I’m flying to MMUN

Lol Well, Its ok Hope to see you in the Air

For jets I’d just take average ground speed as 450-500 knots, divide the nautical mile distance by the average speed (as knots are just nautical miles per hour) and maybe add another 30-40 minutes if it’s a busy hub. Usually works quite well with deviations no more than 30 minutes


I note you are going 20,000 ft alt cruise?
Best to aim 31-36000 ft unless you are flying a GA or Q400

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oop I thought i put 30000ft for Cruise XD Im flying on a American Airlines

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What aircraft?

777-300ER :) is the aircraft.

777-200 i meant.

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777 typical cruise speed Mach 0.82 to 0.85
So if you input that detail, it will give you an est how long hope this helps?

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huh? wdym?

There is a website called that gives u quick flight times by inputting the route but for some reason the link doesn’t work

Edit: found it, it’s

U just have to input departure and arrival city and it will give you a quick estimate.

Heyy, looking at the real flight of Seattle (SEA) to MMUN (Cancun) My guess would be about 5 to 5 and a half hours

When did you Leave the Airport?