Anyone know this aircraft?

Landed at EGSS 12:30am today and saw this classic 737 under FedEx. Anyone know any information about it or know the registration?


This aircraft is a FEDEX Boeing 737-300 or 400Freighter. Avoid sending duplicate topic though. Use this picture in your older thread.

You already made two of the same topics. :/

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That’s an ASL Airlines 737-400F operating for FedEx. The registration is too blurry to see but could be OO-TNP.

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It seems to be 737-300 FedEx Livery.

Probably 734

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Maybe 737 Freighter

I have found out what it is. There are a few around Europe yesterday, They are FedEx Boeing 737-400F operated by ASL Belgium I think or something ASL, and the ICAO is TAY

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I’m going for the 737-300

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