Anyone know the # of Seats AF had in their 747's?

I’m planning to do a flight on IF using the AF 747-400, I’m a little picky about the accuracy of the the weights and stuff so I’m trying to find it’s correct seating capacity though I can’t find it, does anyone know it by any chance?

I’m not quite sure where this belongs in so feel free to change it :)

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Around 375, didn’t know IFC was google now… My bad.


Is that correct though cause the 747 in IF can only go up to 416.

Most 747s have 365-390 that I have been researching like KLM, BA, and UA.

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the 416 count is probably the maximum amount of seats the airplane could carry irl
you have to remember that airlines don’t choose the maximum amount of seats that an airplane can carry because of customized seats, seat configurations, different classes, etc


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