Anyone know the difference between a butter and grease landing?

Hey peeps, I want to know what’s the difference between a butter and a grease landing. If you know the difference, can you please reply? Thanks :)


As far as I know that’s two different ways to say the same


There’s always the debate between grease or butter. I say it… correctly, though.

They both mean to have smooth landings. If you use either statement, people will know what you mean. With that being said though, I hear grease used more by real-world-aviation pilots and controllers. Butter I’ve only heard used on YouTube or simulators


I’d be careful which term you use, there are some people on the forum that feel very strongly about this…

It’s almost as big an argument as pineapple on pizza, which is obviously correct…

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Yes! Best combo :D

Grease describes a physical form of matter, while butter is 80% made out of fat, which is a molecular form of a family of nutrients. While both terms mean the same thing in the aviation world, from a biological and molecular physics standpoint, they are completely different things.

I would argue that “grease” is the only correct term: Butter is 80% fat and 20% water. You wouldn’t want the runway to be 20% water. Thus, grease has the better effect of smoothing the landing.


However, butter looks better, hence increasing the visual smoothness effect of the landing!

Or as Laura said in the stream: “A kiss landing ;)”

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French is a beautiful language!


It definitely is, but I’m not sure if this is French 👀 -jk

I feel offended

Question has been answered above :)