Anyone know of some good 2-4 hour airforce flights?

I am wanting to do some aerial refueling flight with the


I wish I did but the infinite flight Air Force is in such disrepair that I can’t really help you
We are missing the B-2,B-52,B-1 and C-5
And the rest of the military planes have not been reworked in forever my best advice is to fly the A-10 or maybe the KC-10 if you choose the A-10 then just take of from Bagram and do some patrol around the mountains


Can’t point you to a route database so I’ll say try KLFI (Langley) to KVPS (Eglin/Pensacola), should be around 3 and a half hours or so.

Would recommend the KC10 (DC10F), C-130, or A-10, the rest are… well… subpar. All military aircraft including the VC-25 should be able to refuel in-flight.

If you want anyone to join you, you should make a #live:groupflights topic.

A lot of aerial refueling at least near me tends to depart, complete the refueling mission/training, then fly back to their origin. Some examples of U.S. refueling squadrons and their base include but are not limited to Travis AFB(6th Air refueling squadron), McGuire AFB(2nd Air refueling squadron), McConnell AFB(18th Air refueling squadron), and Fairchild AFB(43d expeditionary air refueling squadron). Hope this helps.

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F-22 across the Atlantic on Solo!

Solo because you need to refuel every 50 minutes

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Actually CYYT-EINN is doable with a strong tailwind. I’ve done it once. Stay at 70-71 thrust

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I have to suggest you a nice one with C130 LGSA to LGSY Chania(souda USAF airbase to Skyros). Great scenery over the Aegean Sea(suggestion is for flight not refuel ✈️)

But I fly 5 aircraft so I can easily have 4 jets and 1 aerial refueler and the jets protect the refueler and the refueler helps them get fuel when low

in case you look for long term Air Force action I suggest you joining GAF

We are happy to welcome you

This is true

not all are actually, as far as I know, the F18 cant, aswell as the KDC-10 (Royal Netherlands Livery) and I think one of the RAF C130’s (the one without the AAR thing) as well as the C32 (AF 757) and the AF 737 cant, others should be good

I dont know to much about the airforce but would love to learn more about it I will have to think on it as far as joining

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