Anyone know best spotting place for heathrow?


i remeber a lil while back i made a post about this, and i planned to go to myrtle avenue for spotting. turns out i believe they are using 27R for arrivals
:(. anyone know if they will change it back on the 28th or what is the best spotting place for 27R?


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I would suggest you look into this guide, it contains information about the runway operations at Heathrow, and the best places you can go for a good planespotting session:


@ToasterStroodie made a very detailed reply about Heathrow Spotting in a topic previously created posing a similar question.

According to the runway alteration charts, Heathrow should be using 27L from 06:00-15:00 and then switch to 27R from 15:00 until the last departure. This, of course, assumes that the winds don’t drastically change.

With this in mind, Myrtle Avenue is easily the best spot for the first half of the day.

In the afternoon, there are spots at the T2&3 long stay carpark on Eastern Perimeter Road. You will likely only have suitable lighting until about 16:00 or so.

Check the above reply or linked spotters website for more information.

Best of luck, the weather doesn’t look very good for the next week.

Hiya! EGLL Spotter here. Unfortunately, the guides online aren’t actually the best. What I do (capturing arrivals):

Runway 27L: Myrtle Avenue, I’m sure you know all about it.

Runway 27R: A less sophisticated area, on a little green patch where the road curves. As shown below, it’s a bit roadside, but you can often find spotters scattered about here. You can decent shots.

You can easily catch a bus from Hatton Cross or Heathrow Terminals 2,3,4 and Central Bus station for less than 20 minutes journey time. You could even take the SL9 (oooo ladeeda, brand new) to/from the Central Bus Station.

Runway 09R: This is my personal favourite spot. A little hill, located on the side of a slip road, providing great opportunities for spotting. The guides online are very unclear on how to get here, so this is what I do below:

The image below is a bit misleading due to the lens - You can get much closer to the aircraft, and I’ve taken some shots there ( 1st Time Spotting! [EGLL] )

It’s about a 10 minute walk from Terminal 5, and the red line is a rough guide on how to get there. Once you reach the taxi rank, it’s quite easy to recognise where you are. The roads should be safe to cross, as they aren’t heavily used - But always look out. You usually find other spotters there, and it’s perfectly legal/safe.

Enjoy spotting! Do tell how it goes!

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wow thanks for the detailed explanation!!

i am kind of worried regarding myrtle avenue though. i landed today in very cloudy weather at 1pm and landed on 27R. does the 27L operations start tomorrow? thanks!

If it was 27R at 1pm today, tomorrow is Monday, it switches around for the week and 27L is in the morning (until 3pm). It will remain like that for the whole week.

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OHHH it starts on the monday!!! i see. thank you so much my man!

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