Anyone know anyone that can create a free PIREP system?

Hello, i am a staff member at Southwest Virtual, an in-active VA for a short while but now we are back. We have been re-developing our website and are looking for a free PIREP system for our pilots to log into, we have contacted the owner of Infinite Airlines which to our knowledge are the only organisation that offer a free PIREP system but they seem to be in-active, any ideas?

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For pireps across several VA’s, they use Crew Centers like this:

They also use Pirep systems within their Slack.

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phpVMS and VAM

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Ok, we will look into it.

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We have already checked phpVMS, but we will look into VAM as we have not known them before.

Easy ways to create them without having to create an entire crew center would be AirTable and Google Forms.

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I agree with @Altaria55, from personal experience, Airtable and Google Forms will be the easiest to use to get a free PIREP system up quickly.


You may want to speak with Southwest Virtual - a VA that is active and using the same callsign that yours appears to be :)


and trusted too

Yes we are them :)

Also, i am trying to open a thread for them, if you want to contact them then you can do it on Instagram :)


This is the IFVARB approved Southwest Virtual. The IFC does not recognize VA’s that are not approved through certification / operating just on Instagram.


Please contact @IFVARB if you have additional questions.

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