Anyone know a good time lapse video editor?

I already have a screen recorded video on my device,but I want to turn it into a time lapse video(you know,like those PocketRishi ones),but I can’t find any good ones. I have an iPad,and I don’t want this to cost money if possible.

Download iMovie, it’s from Apple and free if you have a new iPad :)

I already have iMovie,but it only goes until X2 speed,but I want it around X16-X26 speed. Because a 16 hour flight turnin into a 8 hour video won’t make much a difference.

Just export it when its 2x speed, and then import that and do it again.

Thanks! Useful to know! A mod can close this now :)

I use Perfect Video where you can speed up to 20X

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And for Windows I use Sony Vegas, I can speed up as much as I want

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