Anyone know a good airport to do crosswind landings at?

I an wondering if anyone knows any good airports to do crosswind landings at? I don’t know if this topic should be in general or not but you can edit it if not:)

Any airport in Solo. There you can change the winds. It is hard to predict the weather in IF Live.


Use KAUS, KDFW, or KATL because their runways are cardinal directions


It kind of depends on the wind on the day lol Anywhere can experience strong crosswinds

If you are looking to practice then you can always go to solo and adjust the Weather to suit

But Madeira (LPMA) Nice (LFMN) and Corfu (LGKR) normally have some interesting winds

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If you want to do it on live, you can use to find strong surface winds - then look for airports in those areas with runways that’ll give you a nice crosswind.


Runway 12 at LPPD looks good right now. 04016G28KTS.


I tried solo and landed successfully after a few tries but had trouble taxing to the gate because of the wind

Have a look here for great airports hat have bad weather like lots of wind


PASI. Airport

Usually LKPR, sometimes EHAM, EDDL, LFQQ. I have experienced crosswind many time at these airports.

To practice crosswind landings while slowly increasing wind speed, nothing beats SOLO.

You can setup some crazy scenarios. I started out at 5kts, and slowly increased wind speed until It required max rudder to keep it lined up.

Funchal LPMA is also highly affected by crosswind irl

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My home town’s airport has never had a calm day, ENVA

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It may sound weird but KEWR. The runways are angled and storm frequent there up to twice a week.

I doubt it is windy right now, but yesterday I did a live flight from London Heathrow to Berlin Tegel and there were 30kt crosswinds at Berlin

Anywhere in Australia.

They must love crosswind landings, judging by their runway configurations.

But also, any field with perpendicular intersecting runways is guaranteed (almost) to have crosswind landings if there’s wind.

Try ICAO code SOLO.


Madeira/Cristiano Ronaldo Airport

Mostly depends on the wheater conditions, so try to check out a global weather map, to see where there are thunderstorms or similar.
In my experience approaches are trickiest with a high difference between wind speed (e.g. 30kt) and gusts (e.g 48kt).