Anyone interested in aircraft ID guides?

These can take a while to make so I am running a poll on this.

Example topics include: Douglas DC-9 vs. MD-80 vs. MD-90 vs. Boeing 717, Douglas DC-10 vs. MD-11, A300B1/2/4 vs. A300-600, etc.

If there is insufficient demand (Less than 5 votes), then I won’t make any.

Disclaimer: I have made this poll to get me a total of how many people want a guide. Not whether you want a guide.

  • Yes
  • Filler

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Thanks for any responses!

Votes for “Filler” will be counted as “Yes” if you have the urge to click that (Not sure why you would but whatever floats your boat…).

So you want to have an ability to distinguish certain aircraft? I mean, this is real world aviation, not features. Do these exist already?

I don’t want to have the ability-I do already distinguish a/c. This is for planespotters or people who want to sit and watch planes and know whether it’s an MD-80 or MD-90. In IF, the game tells tou what plane you ae flying so it would be completely useless. I thought I’d do some homemade and simplified (But not too general) ones.

Everyone: I’ll start workig on one later today