Anyone in the SoCal region on the advanced server?

Is anyone in this region im flying the virgin a340 to KNUC

In the new IF update you can check by looking at the menu screen, it also gives you what airport they are heading too and etc. No need to make a post :)

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But how do i know the people on that list are people on here??

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Wait i got a better solution. Go on liveflight its a website that shows who’s online, what jet, what route they are flying. I think this may be the solution :)

No no i know that part what im asking is how do i find people from this forum in the session im in, like how do i know the people on the status list are people posting topics on here??:)

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Well here, on the profile page it would say their call sign. It really just depends on what call sign and username the user is. But for the most part its easy to identify


You would have to look at display names, there aren’t any apps/websites that show specifically community members :)


Ohkay thankyouu

I’m pretty sure @Embraer190 is asking if people on this forum want to fly on the advanced server with him.

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