Anyone in CAP? (Civil Air Patrol) [US]

I’m just wondering if anyone is in the Civil Air Patrol…

If you don’t know, it’s the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force.


Me im about to leave due to school ive just been busy

I believe @Maxmustang was. Correct me if I am wrong sir!

@N1RG… LOL, CAP, is that like a wing of the BSA?

Haha whats BSA? I might be confusing my memebers LoL

Nope, it’s a non profit offical auxiliary of the United States Air Force. It’s basically pre-Air Force training that gets you past enlist.

Boy Scouts of America.

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Ah thanks. My dad is an eagle scout for them

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My mom is kinda disappointed that I don’t want to continue on the trail to Life Scout, but I just couldn’t take my new over controlling patrol leader. Like, the patrol was getting more and more controlled.

Although I’ll get to dance with her at a pep rally once I’m on the varsity football team in a few years.

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I used to be.

What happened, if I may ask?

Realized I wasn’t a “military” type of guy. I decided to enter a flight training program directly related to aviation, and aviation only.

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