Anyone having troubles with A/P lately?

@TransportForLife i can’t confirm that because i didnt see it all i saw was overspeed warning warning to reduce speed to avoid violation.

Ah then maybe you set your speed too low to avoid that violation?

@DylanHK i was step climbing from FL300 to all the way to FL390, when i took off my weight was at 86% or so. I took all the fuel i needed for that flight , left passengerd untouched and i reduced cargo by a fraction.

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As @Qantas094 and @TransportForLife asked, is there any way you could send us your replay into this topic so we’d see exactly what’s going on?

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@TransportForLife my speed was at M 0.83 far below the overspeed

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk Yes, its being recorded as we speak.

Most heavies don’t reach their final cruise until they are well along in their flight. It’s likely you stalled because there wasn’t anymore thrust available to maintain your desired vertical speed and altitude. For now reviewing the replay is the best option to see what happened in your flight.

Step climbing essentially requires you to be active for the whole flight. Do it too early, and you could jeopardize fuel efficiency. Because there’s no replay, there’s no way any of us can tell if you step-climbed too fast amongst other things.

So if you could, please, share the replay file and there may be a solution to your post.

@DylanHK it was 5-6hour flight. The replay is done recording im just gonna upload it real quick.

There is the link for replay

It’s 2am here in Europe so I will read replies in the morning

Kindly appreciate for the tips and mistakes spotted that I can work on.


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