Anyone having troubles with A/P lately?

Hello! I wonder does people get a problem when A/P suddently disables by itself mid flight even tho you are aware of all things that can cause a violation?

I was flying yesterday ATL to LHR in a A330 ( Delta 32 callsign ) and i was cruisin mid flight and 5 mins later i realized that there was no A/P active anymore even tho i was sitting by the ipad scrolling social media on my phone. After that I got my 5 first violations when i am trying to be Grade 5 with 0 vios.

Anyways does this same thing happened before to someone or its just me with worst possible luck? Or maybe it was đź‘»?



Could we see the replay?


You should contact one of the moderators to get this resolved

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Upload your replay here:


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That’s usually rare (I don’t think anyone has grade 5 with 0 violations, or at least I don’t know if any)

Ofcourse, when i took off, plane was behaving in a weird way when climbing

Yes, thats why I created myself a forum account but im not just quite there yet with my Trust Level to unlock PM’s

Oh I will tell a moderator to pm you :)

Violations happen from time to time especially if our attention gets divided. I wouldn’t worry though, most of us have some vios.

We only remove violations if users can prove that the app failed in a way that made them get violations or a system ghost :)

Well… it will take some time because i was already 3 hours into my flight. Will have to record for 3 hours on my screen recorder i guess.

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You just have to upload the replay file.

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No you can skip in the replay to when it happened @Captain_Paul

@Levet yes i am recording now the proof, good thing this game has a replay system but it will take some time because i was already 3hrs into flight and i want to show from point that i spawned…

@Captain_Paul I contacted a mod and he will pm you :)

@Cooper Thank you, Sir!

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I’m thinking you got a message saying something like “Autopilot disconnected check flight parameters” or similar to that

What airplane? The 777 has been known for me to disable A/P on its own.

May I ask what weight were you?