Anyone have any ideas on how to keep entertained during a long-haul?

Okay, let me start off. Long-hauls are an EXTREMELY easy way to get XP quick. I’ve tried it multiple times. Anyone have any ideas on how to stay entertained during these? I’m doing one right now from Perth to Jeddah. I might go to sleep…


You could always read a book, draw, or listen to music!


I usually watch a movie, go outside, or sleep while I wait :)


Umm i guess just continue with your normal life?


I love listening to music, watch yt and browse through the IFC!

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I play piano in the mean time! My long hauls I usually plan overnight though

Go to sleep ;)


There are 2 things that always work.

1: Play an instrument, and if you don’t have one, try Garage Band

2: Watch something or play something

Bonus: Stare at the wall for 17 hours. (Actually that might not be the greatest idea)


Me personally, I tend to do long hauls as overnight flights mostly. Depart, go to sleep, wake up for descend - repeat. Make sure u plan such flights well, I recommend fpltoif, as it gives very precise information and most important, an exact flight time so u can plan when to wake up ;)

If I do them while day time I do various kinds of work. I mostly plan my flights according to the amount of work I plan to do that day. For example school work, doing stuff for social media, hanging around with friends on voice calls, checking IFC often, working on VA‘s/VO‘s or planing other flights already.
If u have nothing to do, simply follow along your day, go outside, cook n eat, play on other devices or what ever u like to do :)


I usually just continue with my normal life. Also @Key starting at the wall only entertains me up to 12 hours


You can leave it while in cruise just do life things and check on it periodically wether that’s through liveflight or going to your device

YouTube/Netflix/other is a good one. I would say go out but… welll, when we can, that’s an option. You can also, like you say, sleep. I am doing one tomorrow and I will be doing school work - so if there is any work you need to do for anything, plan the flight at a time where you can do the work at cruise. Then your doing the thing you love the most, flying, whilst working!

I just did a long haul flight (8 hours) and did fuel checks and checked the weather the whole way but that wasn’t the best idea as I was really bored :/

I usually sleep, watch Anime, play on the Play Station, fly planes in my desktop sim, do yardwork. You can ultimately think of anything that doesn’t require the device that you are flying on for entertainment.

These threads have got some pretty handy dandy tips, I’d give them a skim. Plenty of suggestions from people

Do them overnight, don’t have to stay entertained while your sleeping :), in the day, hop around and get those landings up

For me personally, I haven’t done a long haul flight. But what I normally do for flights, and what you can do (just for longer since the flight is longer), is listed below.
I do:

  • Video games
  • Normal games
  • Sleep
  • Think about life
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Personally, I enjoy watching grass grow and watching paint dry.

Sounds like an exciting 😴 fest to me 🙃

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One word.