Anyone have any 2-4 hour flight ideas?

I can’t think of one right now! Or at least a cool one.


Well, here’s a popular route from my VA, KMCO-TJSJ! Allegiant A320!

You’ll have to try crowded London to mountainous Innsbruck in 2 hours.

KTUS - KSEA ir the other way around. Nice scenery!


One of the busiest route in the world :) You can also discover the mountains of Taiwan and the famous Victoria Harbour over Hong Kong

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LEMD-LTFM (Turkish airlines), takes you along the Mediterranean coast!

What aircraft?

a330 or a321

Okay! I’ll definitely have a try!

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But the TK a330 is not in the game

For todays IFATC Region, I can suggest you for example OKBK to HECA using the Egypt Air 738, flughttime around 2.5hrs.

EGLL/EGKK - BIKF (Reykjavik) has some awesome scenery over Scotland and coming into Keflavik. Usually around 3 hours. Most UK airports down to the Canary Islands (Usually 3-4 hours). My favourite is GCRR but most of them have great approaches. You could also fly to LPMA (Madeira). That’s an awesome approach. Finally, Innsbruck is also a challenging approach. That’s usually a couple hours from the UK 😁

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Cargolux (CV 7892) - ELLX to UBBB B747-8 - 4:25
Icelandair (FI 554) - BIKF to EBBR B757-200 - 3:15

Aegean Airlines/ Eurowings
Stuttgart (EDDS) - Skiathos (LGSK)
Flat Germany, mountains, sea and short runway approach

Sydney to Auckland

In the future, please utilize this thread before posting: Suggested Routes | 2019

There is also a random flight generator on which you can customize to your needs.

EDDM-HECA would be a good flight considering IFATC services there today.

Zurich to Milan over the Alps

Southwest Livery

Realistic flight and only about three hours.