Anyone have a PPL?

I’ve been entertaining the thought of going to get my PPL (private pilot license) and there’s a flight school at the airfield I work at. Is there anyone here who has their PPL?


Yes sir and an A&P


There’s a whole load of people. Check that topic out (@Brandon_Sandstrom is certainly an awesome guy that you could always ask questions to)

I’m remaking the topic but nearer and cooler


There’s a lot of people who have PPLs here

I didn’t even see that, thank you!

Do you want to go into commercial flying?

Not so much major airliners. I was thinking more private, Corporate flying. I’d like to be home somewhat on a daily basis.

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Ah then yes go for it! Normally because with an airline you get an ATPL, They don’t really like you having a PPL before because they like to mould you into their pilot!

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FlexJet is hiring an FO based out of my FBO at KPVD but I need a minimum of 500 hours lol. I’ve been looking at flying clubs around here and there’s a couple.

At the flight school near me it’s around 13-15K for the training program. I’ve been told that’s a decent price as two people I work with went through it recently but at a different school. I guess I’m just curious how expensive flying is going to be before I’m able to get into a flying job. I hear most charter airlines won’t hire somebody until they have x amount of hours, most of which I’m seeing is 500+.

I’m currently working on mine. Going all the way to commercial.


I got my PPL a while back and I would highly recommend it if you are into aviation, it was a wonderful experience and you will learn all the basics of flying.

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Many people have there PPLs…including myself

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Do you fly often? Do you own an airplane or rent one?

me not yet
I have 16h.40 flight hours but I already did 2 solo flights since so

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If you’re in the U.S. you need 1500 flight hours min to be hired into 121,with some exceptions.

Finding employment at 250 hours, commercial pilot min hours, outside of CFI can be difficult.

13-15k sounds reasonable. I’ve spent a tad over 5k so far, have 22 hours.

Rental rates and instructor rates drive the cost up or down as well as how long it takes you. I started at the cheapest place in Tampa area, old early 70’s planes. They were 129 an hour, but I switched to a new school who’s planes are all 2005 or newer. They also have a few G1000 options.

The flying is 10x more enjoyable in a newer plane.


Yep, which one you want PPL(H) or PPL(A), also have CPL for both and ATPL for both.


I’m the one holding ppl and after 3months I’ll be holding CPL😃😉

Try and fly once a week and rent an airplane at 110 bucks an hour (wet)

When you get your commercial multi give me a shout I can get you a job as first officer 2 weeks on two weeks off.