Anyone got a Nvidia Shield?


I’m thinking about getting one, not sure what the graphics for IF are like and if it lags.

Could someone tell me what it’s like and post some screenshots from the Shield?

Thank you!

I believe @Nigel_Wright has one

Thank you for tagging him.

I have one, amazing, runs max settings no problem, even when the servers are jam packed.

Battery life is quite short when playing IF, but nothing new, same as most devices, IF likes to eat up that energy…

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Nice! Got any screenshots from it?

I could, but I’d have to get home first. Why do you need them :)

Just to see the graphics. Because some devices have different graphics.

It’s beautiful, planes look great. I will check though


Go down on that topic a bit, should see some screenshots, but they are on high quality not Very High

Just seen them, they look great!

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IF is battery intensive.

That’s the one


Have you thought about the iPad Air 2 that’s also a very good device

I have an iPad Air.

Sorry for the late reply, onlyl just seen the tag. I’ve got a Shield. Performance wise it’s on a par if not slightly better than an iPad Air 2 for IF. Runs at full settings in the busiest of regions with very little lag or stutter.
It’s got inbuilt streaming/recording software that will do 1080p at 30fps.
The vid is raw from the device straight to you-tube, there’s no editing or tweaking.
Here’s a couple of screenies.


Thanks Nigel.

Did you have to configure your titlting controls etc?

Not sure what you mean. It’s controlled by the inbuilt gyros, just like any other tablet.

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It doesn’t matter

Good…I’ll get this for global…still whats the performance on Very high traffic