Anyone good with phpVMS 3.0?


I’m having a few problems with phpVMS 3.0 if anyone knows it quite well, would care to help?
My problem is, when I upload the schedules not all the schedules show?

I’m pretty sure @Artem_F is good at using it😉


I can certainly help you out, feel free to PM me. But, If you know how to set it up, I recommend phpVMS 7. It is much more modern and easy to set up than v5 or v3.

Hi @KaiM

It’s all set up it’s more of a problem that not all the schedules show up within the flight schedule section, I am hoping to upgrade to 7.0 if this helps solve the solution!

Any ideas on overcoming this situation in the mean time would be wonderful!

I’ve send you a PM…

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