Anyone good with jets?

Hi fellow pilots! I just wanted to ask who is really good with formations and jets because I’m trying to make a video about the F14 and I need another pair of wingman so if you are hmu :))


should be in #live:groupflights
as you’re looking for a group flight.

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Oh could you switch it over then. Sorry

Nope. Not able too. A regular or mod can

You would need to insert the correct format for posting in #live:groupflights

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If you want to plan a group flight, I suggest you follow these rules to turn this into a proper group flight request.

After this a Regular or Moderator can move this to the groupflights area.


Alternatively, you could ask for experienced fighter pilots to contact you via Direct Message, and get a training together this way,


I’m always flying jets on IF so if you need a hand let me know

Im not an expert but I’m willing to help out

Can fly F14’s if you need anyone

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