Anyone gonna talk about it?

Anyone going to talk about what Laura was doing? For like about was just donuts above YSSY lol me and my stream chat were like wth (heck) is she doing. Lol in a 757 btw. I’m just saying

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She may really just like donuts. 🍩


It’s possible that she is not actually flying she just reached the end of her flight and IF does what it does. Makes donuts in the ski.

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She is probably working to fix bugs for IF or she is just away

Just testing performance around a large airport more than likely

might be that she accidentally left her flight alone or something, just because she is our goddess doesn’t mean she won’t make mistakes, everyone does. screw me already

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I hear that Laura had lost her donut at Sydney, and she needed to find it using her special 757 radar, so she rocketed up in a panic to find her precious snack… Turns out it was above her, upside down land has a weird sense of gravity for some reason…


The thing about Laura is that unlike other people in tech like Mark Zuckerberg, she is actually a human (or so Philippe wants us to believe). Human are cool and stuff, but they can’t multitask well. Sometimes we got to cook dinner, or sometimes we rework our cat to a plane - there’s a lot of distractions at home. The main thing is that after opening a portal to god knows where, she landed safely in Sydney.

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Nope sue still had about an hour left up to Brisbane. She just stopped mid flight


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