Anyone flown on a airline or airliner that been retired?

Hey all wondering if anyone ever been on a airline or aircraft since been retired? I flew on a a340-300 with Emirates.



I flew on both the American MD-80 DFW-JAX-DFW July 2019 and 757 CLT-STT-CLT March 2020 months before each of them was retired


I’ve flown on the Delta 717. Those aren’t retired yet but they’re getting there, unfortunately.


I flew on a Hawaiian 767-300 back in 2014 from San Diego to Honolulu and back to San Diego.


BA 747 😢


I flew on Air Berlin , Alitalia, and Virgin America. I flew Air Berlin and Alitalia when I was around 5. I flew on Swiss’ Avro Rj-100 on a trip from Paris to Zürich.


I’ve flew on American Airlines B757-200 once, their B767-300 3 times, and then the A333 and the A332 a couple times as well. I also flew on the AA E190 a handful of times before it was retired.

As of right now, I’ve flown on their entire operating fleet except for the B73M8, which I hope to fly on very soon. I honestly can’t remember if I have ever flown the MD80 before it was retired, but I feel like I have. Lol

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SWA 737-300

Not very exciting I know


Ive flown on quite a bit on Alitalia - on the A319, A320, A321, E75, a B734 they had leased at some point, and also one of their long retired jets, the MD80!

Also, on JAT Airways / Air Serbia’s retired planes, namely a few of their B733s, which were the oldest ones left operating in Europe at a staggering 35 years!


BA 747 and El Al 747


ive flown on more retired ones than still flying lol

(copied from my profile)

Fokker 50 (Insel Air) PJ-KVM, PJ-KVG, and more all scapped or without engines, besides KVM who flies with some african airline, I think 5Y-JNR

Fokker 70 (Insel Air) PJ-FKB retired but not scrapped yet (airline banktrupt)

MD-83 (Insel Air) PJ-MDF scrapped (airline banktrupt)

MD-11 (KLM) easy guess lol

737-800, 900 (United), (American) (not retired yet) (although the AA livery i flew one has kinda retired since it was chrome)

757-200 (United) (N12116 got brought back into service recently)

A320 (United) (not retired yet)

Beechcraft 1900C (Pacific Coastal) (not retired yet)

Saab 340 (Pacific Coastal) (not retired yet)

DHC-3 Turbo Otter (Harbour Air) (not retired yet, i hope)

Q300 (Aruba Airlines) C-FEYG (kinda retired, was leased by Aruba Airlines which they no longer use)


Crossair, Swissair, Hello, and Air Berlin.

Swissair was the Swiss flag carrier until their grounding in 2001. Crossair was a regional airline in Switzerland, flying Saab 340 and Saab 2000 as well as some Avro RJs and ERH-145. Crossair later became SWISS. Hello was a Swiss charter airline. They filed for bankruptcy in 2011 or 2012. And Air Berlin… Well, who doesn’t know Air Berlin?


I’ve flown an American 757 in 2016.


Kinda a small list but here are some

Delta MD-88
AirTran 737-700 and 717
KLM 747-400


Asiana 747-400
EVA 747-400
Philippine Airlines 747-400
American 757-200
Delta 777-200ER
American 767-300ER

I was glad to fly most of them before retirement, all of them were wonderful birds

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That I can remember:

Iberia A340-300 and A340-600 quite a few times on GRU-MAD and MAD-GRU. Some of the best aircraft I’ve ever flown

LATAM A350-900 on MAD-GRU in 2016, only 6 months after they entered operation (really sad to see such modern aircraft being retired that early btw)

Avianca Brasil (went bankrupt some years ago) A319 and A318 (CGH-SDU and SDU-CGH, respectively)

And also a Gol 737-800 still wearing the VARIG livery (Gol bought what remained from VARIG when it went bankrupt and got most of the 737-800s)
Not retired aircraft nor defunct airline but a livery from a defunct airline, so I guess it counts
(this newer livery)



Air Mauritius A340-300, Monarch A332, Sky Express Jetstream 41, Flybe Dash 8, Westjet 767, Cityjet BAE146

Thomas Cook from JFK to Manchester. Most likely to be an A330 if you ask me

Continental Airlines Boeing 737 series SEA - AUS or HOU or DFW to Birmingham, AL.

American Airlines MD-83 DFW - SEA, MD-82 DFW - MEM. Boeing 757-200 SEA-DFW.

Delta Air Lines MD-88 ATL - MEM, MD-90 SLC - SEA only 3 old liveries.

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-400 SEA - SFO - SEA.

Aloha Airlines Boeing 737-200 Kona - HNL.

Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER SEA - Kahului, Boeing 767-300 HNL - SEA.

Flybe (G-JECP) named: Spirit of Belfast color is purple Bombardier 8Q400 Dash Inverness - Manchester.

ATA Airlines Boeing 737-800 OAK - Kona.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300 SEA - OAK. Boeing 737-500 OAK - Burbank.

Yeah, I have. I flown the AA B757-200 from KMIA-KSTL/KSTL-KMIA five times when I was 11 years old during my grandma’s emergency, summer and Christmas break, age 12 years and 13 years in the summer before it got retired. I really did not like the B757 because of the fuselage in which I expected to fly the AA B737-800 but then later on enjoyed the B757 since I liked flying to STL and back to MIA multiple times by myself. But unfortunately, AA had to retire their B757’s in 2020 due to COVID-19