Anyone flew from San Jose to JFK on either Delta, JetBlue, or Alaska?

And I think he is talking about the British Airways flight which is at 8pm, so passengers would arrive at 6pm for that flight

Yes, that would be a busy time but that’s mainly for Terminal B

I do that all the time

Also, passengers can connect between the 2 terminals without having to pass through security again :)

You arrive 4 hours before your flight?!

Yeah, they can connect but most would stay by their gate so it wouldn’t interfere with those flying on Delta

Yes, I like to arrive early :)

And most people won’t walk between the terminals, but there are plenty of food options near the Southwest gates and Alaska gates like Smashburger which aren’t there near the Delta gates

Never a problem with Delta and Alaska is my favorite airline!😁jetBlue is amazing as well. In my opinion, that’s the trifecta of America’s Best.

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