Anyone flew from San Jose to JFK on either Delta, JetBlue, or Alaska?

I will be flying from San Jose to New York JFK next month, and I am eager to know how the experience was on either of these 3 airlines and overall flying from San Jose instead of San Francisco. (BTW, I will be flying on Delta 737-900).

Look on the internet for reviews of the airline and the specific aircraft on that route. Topics like these clog the forum and I would advocate against posting them.


I can inform you from experience that the flight form SFO to JFK is terrable on delta. My friend has flown from San Diego to JFK on JetBlue and he liked it a lot. Hope you have a pleasant flight!

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@BigBert10 is your man.

Also for SFO check with @GlobalFlyer1

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I know a friend who flew SJC-JFK on Delta. The flight is a red-eye flight so there is not much to talk about in terms of experiences

Basically from SJC, you depart, fly the TECKY THREE departure, and go about your way to JFK


From San Francisco, the smaller aircraft or the lighter ones usually depart from the 1s. When departing to JFK, you’d be departing runway 1R unless wind conditions don’t allow aircraft to depart the 1s. After departure, I’ve aircraft would turn to the right slightly, and then fly over or right next to Oakland’s airport, before syncing with the flight plan.

Upon departure from San Jose, you’d make a U-turn and then pass near/right above RHV, before making another U-turn heading Northeast and towards JFK.

If you fly JetBlue to San Jose, I would recommend keeping a slightly open schedule since the flights from JFK/BOS to SJC divert to Salt Lake City often due to winds. Anyways, enjoy your flights!


Yeah I could not find anything on the internet, so I decided to ask the IF community members

@BigBert10 or @GlobalFlyer1 … any idea of the passenger traffic you would expect for a San Jose to JFK flight instead of San Francisco to JFK. San Jose is smaller so I’m expecting the flight to not be full. Of course, who knows, but just an assumption comparing it to the huge passenger traffic at SFO. And I am flying on a Saturday night btw.

Delta is making good money on the route so I’m going to say the flights are full

But the lines for security shouldn’t take that long since you are there at night

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Delta is ranked better than JetBlue in overall airline rankings I’m pretty sure

I was wondering why it would make a u-turn. I literally saw DL 1548 making the u-turn and going northeast last night. I saw the view from Fremont and I was checking it on my phone on FlightRadar24. It was pretty cool though.

The u-turn is basically the plane performing the TECKY THREE departure. This is so departing airplanes from SJC won’t interfere with inbound traffic to SFO and OAK

I call it the Right Loop! :D

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Oh ok I see, makes sense now. Yeah, from my view in Fremont, I can see a pattern of planes on one side landing at SFO, and then another pattern of planes landing at OAK, and then few planes taking off from SJC as well. I gotta say Bay Area has a busy airspace… just like JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia in the east coast.

Of course the Bay has a busy airspace…with 3 airports, what do you expect XD

Yeah, I’m new to the Bay Area so, but it’s pretty cool though

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The flights from San Francisco are probably less empty, but it’d take you longer to get through security and everything. Also, British Airways’ 787-9 flight is pretty full many times, and the flight departs at around 8 p.m., so many passengers will arrive around 6 which should be a really busy time!

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Why would you arrive at 6pm for a flight at 10pm

Plus, BA is in Terminal B. Delta is in Terminal A so those from Terminal B shouldn’t be going to security from Terminal A

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Delta 739:

JetBlue A320 (and A321!):

Alaska 737-900:

The aforementioned aircraft are all used (Maybe a different 737 variant for Alaska) on this route. It’s not impossible. The only valid thing might be asking about SJC. Even then, you can find a separate review originating out of SJC for that.

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Yeah I was going to say same thing… British Airways is in Terminal B, Delta is terminal A