Anyone Experiencing Drifting on the 717?

I’ve been flying the 717 a bit and I noticed it starts to drift off course after a while, anyone else experience this and is there a way to fix it a bit?

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While flying or taxiing? If you are flying you should change the heading a bit for wind correction.


Flying, the taxing is due to the floating bug so I ignore that

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I fly the 717 on a somewhat regular basis, I’ve not noticed any drifting from course when winds are calm. Is this a regular occurrence for you? Or is it possible that the winds were affecting your flight?

Even when winds are calm I see the 717 frifting off from the heading I set it to with A/P

Then I would recommend routinely checking the heading and making corrections. You may already be aware of this but once you set your heading with the A/P you can hold the heading button again and a side heading will pop up next to it letting you know if you need to adjust towards the way point. Hope this helps you.


If the issue is with A/P it is most likely it is because it’s an old aircraft model with non-updated physics so the A/P may be a bit off and there is your fault :)


Alright, thanks mates :) 🖒

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