Anyone ever notice how amazing the A333 is?

Wait what? I haven’t experimented lol. So if I set M.82 it’s not gonna fly properly?

No don’t worry it will. It’s just a little more efficient at unrealistic speeds

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Ok thanks for the heads up. We just added some codeshare flights and I haven’t done too much testing on the A333 other than takeoffs and landings in solo. I gotta figure out simbrief perf factors and such.

Yep…I LOVE the A330 family…One of my favorites!

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The A330 is my favorite plane, other than the Boeing 777, and the A333 plane, too, is a fuel-efficient aircraft. And I hope, someday, A330, got rework, that’s good, I always look forward to rework on A330 aircraft🙂😃😉✈

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