Anyone ever notice how amazing the A333 is?

I’m referring to the fuel burn. The estimated fuel burn in ‘Weight & Balance’ is ~15,000lbs/hour…but it’s actually around 10-11k per hour in the game. Makes it a little tough to estimate fuel (you’ll end up with plenty remaining after a long haul, not a bad thing).

The A332F is a nightmare though. I can never get fuel burn under 19 or 20k per hour, and yes I’m trimming the aircraft properly.

Was just wondering if anyone else noticed this? I know the A333 is really fuel efficient in real life too, but how accurate is this?


The A330’s would be really amazing with a rework. One of my favorite aircraft in IF!


Completely agree! They’re gorgeous.

I actually think I have more hours logged on the A330 than any other aircraft in IF hahah


I couldn’t agree more with what @Levet said. The A333 is my personal favorite up for rework next.

Sure, she’s far from the 787 which is the closest comparable “modern” aircraft in Infinite Flight. But she’s the best of the older ones.


My opinion too, love the A333 in both IF and real life
Despite all its flaws still such a great aircraft to fly


I always just use the triple instead, just cos it’s a much newer plane in IF and looks more accurate imo. Needs gear tilt though ;)

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Haven’t had enough experiences in the IF A333 to join your discussion
The only recent experience of flying it did amaze me quite a bit though, especially in it’s gracious landing movement
Guess I should switch my va hub just for more A333 experiences🛬😎🛫

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the Wheels coming into land make is such a nice aircraft

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I find the A330 really easy to fly as well, I find it one of the easiest to land.

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I hope the gear/truck tilt will be added if the rework really happened… :)

if so, then it will be legitimately my personal favorite aircraft in IF.


yessssss, maybe make the cockpit not look so flat!
i can not enjoy my time in the cockpit of that craft due to the inanimaton. but FDS is doing a great job and im in love with the A321. performing KATL-KDCA right now. trying to pass the time on the IFCF curently in a 75 Knot crosswind at FL340. RIP passengers

I noticed while practicing my flares in solo, that the A340 middle gear has a tilt if your flare properly and steep enough. also the 787 could use gear tilt

The A320/321 quote 5-6K per iirc, but it’s closer to 4500. I have to use a perf factor of -22 with simbrief to come close to being on target. Haven’t spent much time in the 333 but I’m hoping for a rework of the 330 with a pax 332 added.

Yeah once you get the hang of it, landing it is a breeze. Easy to butter the landing.


I totally agree, with 5 hours of fuel, you can easily fly 7!

I hope we’ll get a rework this year ;)

Yeah a rework would be awesome!
Love the A330 and A340

It is an awesome aircraft, with a complete rework it would be my very favorite in IF 😍


The A330 will forever be my favorite aircraft

As a 5 month old “ME”, it’s was the very first airplane i ever flew and at a very young age (wans’t even 1 year old yet 😅) as well. Although i don’t remember any of that first journey with the A333, i sure have flown with multiple times since then and it’s have grown become one of my favorite aircraft. It’s a very special bird for me 🤗
So i definitely enjoy flying it in IF, and rework of it would be amazing.

“Amazing”. Yes, but also pretty unrealistic. I mean, it’s economy cruise is like M 1.2 in game. It can connect London and Auckland with 3 hours of reserves at initial cruise. It can cross the Atlantic in 3 hours if you really want to. It can fly to FL450 without a struggle.