Anyone else in your Household involved in IF?

I’m trying to make this funny so follow me here.

I have a wife who is “company” that ultimately schedules my flight time and requires that I concurrently do in house duties to stay current to be on IF.

I have one big cat that just has to be pilot monitoring that I think is really only here to get hours.

I have another cat who is the flirty flight attendant and always demands my attention and just has to be in the way during critical phases of flight

All kids are grown so no factor lol. Though there’s the occasional telemarketing call


i’ve got two cats who like to “help” with things - some of my flights included. I put “help” in quotations because they’re not really helping but (quite literally) getting in the way

no one else around my household is involved

One of my cats pawed off the autopilot and one cat used her tail to communicate with ATC

Yes. Me, myself and I. And sometimes my sister, she disconnects A/P on purpose 💀


just me, occasionally my dogs will intervene with my flight but that’s all. it also helps my dads a commercial pilot so i can fly what he’s flying and ask him questions and stuff

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Now I no longer live with my parents, but for a long time my mom was involved in IF. Her role was to ask me to do house chores only when I was on a 10 mile final, so I had to choose whether to complete the flight and have an angry mother for the rest of the day or to end my 12 hour long flight just before landing


This is extremely relatable…😬


I’d guess something like half the community have their parents involved in IF, at least financially

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My dad actually played infinite flight for years before
I consistently played.

Yeah my bro @G-VZIG-VirginPilot also plays it makes for some cool formation flying


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