Anyone else having trouble with 717?

When I was doing a short flight from Honolulu to Lihue I found I had many issues with the 717, most of which weren’t until my descent. First, when I was descending the autopilot started swaying me back and forth harder and harder each time. I turned it off to only find it happening again when I turned it on. I ruled out turbulence since I could fly fine without AP. I also found when the plane stalls it’s very hard to recover and almost crashed when on final and made and awfully hard landing. Just wondering if anyone else is having these issues with the plane.

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I never use the 717 and I believe this problem will be looked on when it will be reworked sometime in the future.

I believe these are all known issues with the B717. It’s a very tricky aircraft to fly in IF.

The 717 is one off the oldest planes in Infinite Flight. That means it comes with a few challenges. But despite all the issues, it’s so much fun to fly. One of my favorite planes in Infinite Flight actually.


Adding on the plane hasn’t been touched in a long time so problems with the flight model and all the technical parts of it are bound to happen, feel free to vote here if you would like it reworked

I have experience with the 717, I’ve been flying it since before global.
Your speed must have been too low for your weight, which causes some of the planes to sway - like the TBM does.

Try going a little faster on decent, and when landing, I normally go 160 when I’m heavy and 150 when I’m lighter. It’s a fun plane with experience.

I also hope this helps. 😉

I agree it’s fun most of this time and when I fly mostly the plane under delta. This time was not the best however.

It is a tricky one to land but I noticed when I keep the airspeed above 140 on landing and don’t flare that reduces the stalling issues.

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