Anyone else get a sense of happiness after a perfect pushback

Yep. It’s a wonderful feeling. Here is the happiness scale of doing perfect things in IF.

Perfect taxi turn 3/10
Perfect pushback 8/10
Perfect turn from base to final 9/10
Perfect Landing 6/10
Perfect Takeoff 10/10


Great scale… But I would swap between the landing and takeoff… Performing a good landing is a huge happiness for me… It gives me a good mode until the end of the day😁

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For me a pushback is a pushback. I always get it perfect as it is supposed to be in real life. I simply plan it using the free cam and choose the direction, and where exactly should your aircraft stop. that’s it, really. Unless I am missing something. (Also I am in no rush, be patient to get a perfect pushback!) 🤷‍♂️


I wouldn’t feel good if I didn’t bring the nose wheel exactly on the center of taxiway😁😁

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