Anyone else fly RC planes?

I guess this should be in real world aviation since its in the real world, and has to do with aviation! I was just curious if anyone else here flies RC? It is quite an addiction once you get into it! I have quite the collection so far that is always changing!


I have always wanted to get into it. Looks like a nice collection.


Yeah I did once. Ended up something like this:



I wish I had a collection of RC planes. Closest I have is 2 RC tanks.


I’m starting into the hobby of RC flight. I made a chuck glider and the wing piece busted open. Patched it back up with tape. But my ultimate goal in this hobby is to make a plane that has a cargo bay door.

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Check this out!


I have a simple one. 100 dollar Piper cub. Lots of fun. Battery life sucks tho


I flew a drone thing n a shop (for a test). It smashed into the floor and also the roof. Somehow it survived

I think I have a few. 😏

It is indeed an addiction. I’ve been in R/C for about ten years now, starting at 8 years of age. Currently have about 15 planes or so in the fleet. Usually a mix of warbirds, 120+ MPH speed racers, jets, a couple 3Ds, pattern hybrids, scale/GA, and a few micros. Bit of everything, I guess.

I noticed you have a heavy orientation towards warbirds. Is that a Dynam C-47 I see on the upper left? Considered getting the F4F Panther you have at the bottom, but I’m not a fan of hand launching.


Is that an Aston Martin

Very nice!

I’m interested in RC aircraft. I have one airplane currently. I fly it occasionally but it’s taken some wear over the years. I crashed it in the trees a couples years ago due to a slide while turning (caused slightly by the wind). I and many others looked up in the trees in search for it. Couldn’t find it. It was nearly a year later when I finally spotted it at the top of a huge tree. I then got some help with retrieving it. I ordered lots of replacement parts and reconditioned it. Following that, it’s taken a few other incidents (but none as drastic as my previously discussed). Most being caused by attempting to fly in an area too small. So currently it’s in a flying state but really should be “retired” eventually. Someday I’ll collect lots of RC aircraft (like Josh) because I enjoy flying and working with them.


I don’t have one with an actual door, but I did drop some parachute guys from my glider this evening.

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I used to have one, I never used it and I left it with my other toys. Then, I wanted to try it out then I found out it was broken :/

I actually like EDF’s more than I do warbirds, I’m a sucker for jets even though you get much less flight time with them. Just nothing like a full throttle low speed pass with a good sounding edf. I have yet to get a 3D, I really need to get one. I don’t really recommend the F4F. Even with the CG right, I had lots of trouble with it wanting to nose up even with extra weight in the nose. It was odd was to fly and others have reported the same.

Yes, that is indeed a Dynam C-47. I actually made that into a project plane that I made a rig for making a video from 3rd person point of view:

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Which part?

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I have and it was quite fun since the RC airport was in the canyon, there was a lot of restrictive airspace because of a school and ranches. Loved those times.

I have a micro f4 u corsair

EDFs are such a battery sucker, that’s for sure. The ME-262 you see in the middle right of my picture has twin 70mm fans and dual 80 amp ESCs powered by a single 5s 4,500 battery. 3 1/2 minutes of flight time, tops, and it comes down incredibly hot (need to slice out some cooling vents). Same goes for my BAE Hawk 15e.

If you’re looking to get into 3D, I highly suggest checking out the E-Flite Edge 540 QQ. I have one of those, and it’s the best one to get your feet wet in. AS3X for self-righting if you screw up a knife edge or hammerhead. You can tune down the rates for it to fly like a sport plane, if a break from hard flying is needed.

Once you get a grip on the advanced 3D maneuvers, then I suggest a Katana or Somethin’ Extra (that one is balsa, though) for some really incredible profiles to punish. The Slick 480 from E-Flite works if you want something in the 48" range, being available to slot any power system in it; just name your manufacturer and price. I have a Omega 130g motor with a Gecko 45 amper in there, and the frame just shoots up like a rocket when attached to a 12x6 prop. 3 cells too, which is a cheap $20 buy from Glacier.

I’m hopefully going to get a Cessna type RC plane soon! I have a few other RC helicopters but there rubbish! They don’t work and they fly out of control even though I’ve tried fixing them. So I’m looking forward to getting my little RC plane! :-)

I wasn’t trying to sound like a spoiled brat! ;-)

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