Anyone Else Experiencing Landing Gear Failure or Collapse?

I’m not complaining, actually I’m hoping that it’s a sign of a future feature to allow for [optional] emergencies.
Since I began IF last month, Several times I’ve stubbornly executed an inadvisable landing, striking one set of gear too hard and ended up with a wing or in one case the nose dragging on the ground through roll out. I don’t see how it could be anything else. Is this a known feature?

As an aside, I had several landings in a Cirrus that resulted in the tail dropping to the runway after coming to a stop. I guess that was just a calibration fluke or maybe terrain issue.

[I’m on lunch break, so I will have to add pics later]

That’s just a flaw in the physics. Same thing technically happens when you crash in live. You get the screen that says you crashed while your plane actually continues moving (at the same speed as was upon impact) on the server until you press ‘end flight’ or ‘reset to parking’. When you land hard enough to get one gear to go beneath the surface (whilst not crashing completely), you basically crashed that piece of the aircraft. It goes beneath the surface but the computer does not detect it as a full crash; therefore, the other part of the aircraft stays above the surface with the gear hanging below, still attached.


Thank you sir

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