Anyone else experiencing glitches in the CRJ?

Hi, I’ve dealt with the same thing for CRJ-700 and CRJ-900. During landing, it would either become unbalanced and just continued to rock back and forth. Another thing I experienced in both of them, was auto land being activated, during the final 1,000FT, descending, but would randomly begin to climb in altitude?

If this isn’t a glitch what am I doing wrong? Only seems to happen in this aircraft.

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Hmm… Other than the different feeling of flying a smaller jet aircraft, I don’t have much issues with them. How is your sensitivity? You said you don’t notice this is any other aircraft?


Not at all, just these two. I haven’t tried any other CRJ’s. I have videos of them, not yet but I can always go back and get the replays.

Only seems to Happen when using auto land.

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I know autoland can often have issues, which is why I always land manually unless I absolutely have to use it (low visibility). For now, I will leave you to someone who has more knowledge on this subject than me.

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Ya I’d imagine. Seems like a complex system to support this game, I’m surprised it’s good as it is, I rarely have issues, so nevertheless I’m very satisfied with the subscription, just thought I’d bring it up in case, judging by the previous updates, i have no doubt it’ll be fixed in no time, if there is an issue that is.

I can’t seem to land without auto on. Lol, like I overthink it. How would I even descend so smoothly on my phone while trimming 30%+ and not gain altitude?


Hmmm very strange. I have never experienced this before in the CRJ and Infinite Flight in general. The auto land can be a bit annoying sometimes. Have you tried calibrating, clear cashe or restarting the app?

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What trim setting/flaps/speed do you use?
Here are screenshots from the tutorial videos found on Youtube:


Pro-tip, trim slowly, 1% at a time if you’re having trouble with this. You can just click and drag down to get this lowest increase setting. Once it’s more familiar you can tweak quicker if you wish 🙂


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