Anyone else done multiple flights in one session?

I’m currently up to 55 hours in one session 😅😀


Wow that’s quite an accomplishment! How long are you planning? Also, your device must be hot enough to fry eggs 😂


I’ve seen people do 11 hours in a session, but 55? 😳


I’ve done 50+ hours non stop, but @sebbieee has done 60-70 hours flying multiple United flights in one session :)

its not to bad, I set the flight…lower screen brightness to lowest…turn sound off… and it goes cold after a while :-)

im going to just keep going as long as I can, im en route to Barbados now…then il fly the return leg to heathrow… then im thinking a far east route next


Sadly, my device is probably not good enough to do that, but congrats!

How much longer do you plan on flying for? (Edit: I see you’ve answered that just a few seconds before I hit send on this haha). I saw you yesterday crossing into South Africa (I was flying in from the west).

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@iidvdii has done some of these, stretching up to crazy lengths. 😂

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I could probably do this, the only thing is staying in the same plane for all those flights is kinda hard for me stösst because I wanna do different airlines and different planes

Nice! I hope to do something like this when I’m done with radar training!

I am very surprised your device hasn’t given up.

I’m running on iPad Pro seems to be running fine never had any issues

Yes I do quite frequently now. I did a Southwest Airlines tour around the United States starting in FLL and ending in PHX with stops in DAL, HOU, and DEN.

Then last week I flew from ORD to FRA, then on to SFO, that being about 20 hours.

But wow 55+ is a lot of hours! I feel as if it’s a nicer and more realistic way to fly. Just how aircraft just don’t stop and sit for a long time. They keep going from route to route.


My iPad would explode if I ever did that lol, most it can handle is just under 19hrs and then crashes. (Found that out the hard way trying to do WSSS-KEWR)

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Ive done KSFO-EDDF-KEWR-KSFO in 1 sitting. But it was mostly me taking a nap and setting a alarm to plan my descent.

@ScottDawson what is your route?

I saw you this morning hope you had a great flight! 😊


That’s good what you are doing .
As dear @Pingu said .
I’m doing many times multiple flights .
Actually i’m doing one of them right now for 87 hours .
Check my trip on life flight app .

Last one yesterday take me 68 hours .

And my best one when i finished with 85 hours
Infinite flight longest flight record .


87 hours? That’s insane! Good luck on your long journey! ✊

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Y’all are breaking FAA regulated rest requirements 😂