Anyone else do this?

Morning all,

Got a strange one for you today. When on a flight do you cross check and refrence your actual fuel onboard (FOB) with the estimated fuel from your LIDO or is it just me?


Yeah I do that… only on short flights where I will always be at my device tho.

Lol i do it to

I was and Iam looking for this kind of papers work, where can I get it ?

I would love to do them on my long haul flights

Yes I do it! Anyone else find they have to use a REALLY low fuel factor like M13 😂

@Airborne971 try using There’s a tutorial video and user guide on the website, but it is able to generate these PDFs, which are almost identical to what crews get IRL.

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I do it for some short haul flights and some long haul flights. More realistic!

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