Anyone else crashing

Idk which topic i should put this in but im recently having crashes and i was wondering if it is on my end or on infinite flights end so do yall also have crashes? Ive only been doing long hauls so that might be why

Can you give some more information? What device and operating system are you on? What have you done to remedy the issue?

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Also what graphics are configured in the simulator🤭

I have Same Issue.

I am Using Air3, IF Always Crashes at Final Or Descending While Long Haul These days

Sometimes At Short Haul

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Im using a 6th gen ipad. I havent really done much besides clear some old stuff that i dont use and left it for a day or two. Erm i also put the settings to low on aircraft numbers, high on all scenery except buildings which is low. Scenery could be problem

I had my first app crash last night, 2/3rds in through a 3 hour flight. The screen froze on the normal (outside) view and no responses to any touch inputs. It stayed frozen for a couple of mins then the app just shut down.

Android 11, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, settings on high (but its all worked perfectly like that for the last 8 months)…

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i was taxiing after Landing in Las Vegas, and the wheels kept moving left and right plus my wings were flexxing up and down a lot