Anyone Does know How to Operate 787

Hi im right now flying Dreamliner 787 over Atlantic towards ENZV from New York at 36000 feet, is there any pilot flying boeing 787 out there at that high altitude that know this big bird? I need assistent of how to manual flight from 5000 feet to airport. what trim would i use to stabilize vertical speed to neutral? how to use right trim for descend ? i coming in 5000 feet at 220 knots turning ils appr, when 10 nm out i will set speed to 180 knots beginning flaps setting, is that Right way to control this big bird?

When you establish yourself on the ILS you should already be at 190KIAS. Other than that I use about 30%trim for the B787

I want to mention something important, Trim don’t have a rule, it’s up to you, I recommend to change the trim based on feel.
(I usally do 15-30% Trim for landing and 5 at takeoff, but again might not work that well for you)

For landing, I often follow charts to have a good speed and know restrictions here is ENZV’s charts


Trim down? i got u, Thanks.

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