Anyone do a Go Around in SoFlo today?

I’m flying right now, and it’s my third go around at Tampa International! Hope it doesn’t happen again! Although it makes it more realistic.
How many go around’s did you make?


I might fly in soflo soon if I have time

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I went around twice there today and decided to divert to KSRQ then.
The server was rebooted mid-air so I lost connection permanently. Horrible.


My 4th go around now!

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I think you should divert to another airport

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I landed fine.


Yeah, maybe back to Miami International…

I don’t believe you.

Runway 27 KMIA just now


Miami… I am in Tampa. 176 nautical miles away.

I would divert.

where to? Back to Miami? Or Palm Beach? Or something else?

Or try a different runway

I think i’ll divert…

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The tower won’t let me change runway.

Divert or turn APPR on

Divert. What airport?

Try 27 at KPIE

I have seen a lot of og arounds from Center

Good job by the way( centre and Tower/ground). Sorry for the disconnect (M-AGIC)

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