Anyone been on a flight from Dubai?

I wanted to reenact a flight from Dubai to London Heathrow. Anyone made that flight? Your flight path may have been this:

Did you know the above flight path is actually not something like the one used by pilots in real life?

In reality, due to wars taking place in the Middle east, pilots have to go all the way round, like this:

Anyway, I made a really cool 5 hour day time flight and I took a lot of photos at the start:

Despite in being realistic it takes way longer, the flight is very fulfilling.

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The pictures are turned the wrong direction.


Too big. They would be squashed

Hate to inform you, but they actually travel up the Persian Gulf, and by the time they reach land they are high above the clouds. Plus they have regional flights here anyway 🙂

I see A380’s into Gatwick daily, so am used to seeing this route when spotting 😉

My pictures are even more difficult to arrange since my device has an ultra wide screen.


Depends on the airline but sure. I mean, maybe Qatar or Emirates do that, but I have never seen Etihad do so

I have an s10+, I am in your shoes


I use a Galaxy A40 (full graphics) 😂.

Right back on topic

Now you have 🙂

It would be a massive waste of fuel and profit for Etihad, the prices would increase massively. I think you may be confused into what Gulf of water you’re looking at.

Etihad have on flight entertainment (the best part) which has a GPS tracker and cameras on the bottom of the plane, I truly doubt I was mistaken.

How can this be so?

Where have you found this source of data from?

I flew on the plane

Only done the EGLL to OMDB route, not the other way… yet.

Lul what android
I have an android and the pictures from in game are always bigger than the iPhones

Something to be proud of?

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Well yeah more content and more quality. I love the new androids when they take screenshots. I have the S9 and the screenshots are always so beautiful.

Great pictures!

But, the flight plan for routes to Dubai from London does not actually go all the way below Saudi Arabia. While there are lots of conflicts there, no plane goes below the country to get to a city North(east) of it when flying in from London. Qatar Airways though, which flies to Doha, has to avoid that airspace as well as a couple other countries’ airspace, but it still does not go all the way below Saudi Arabia. I suggest you look at FlightAware.Com or FlightRadar24 to see the real flight route for these flights!

I’ve flown to and from Dubai 4 times now and I can say that the route does not go around Saudi Arabia. As shown above the flight plan is pretty much a direct route.

It looks like you used airports as your waypoints. You might want to look at some flight plan tutorials so you can make more detailed and more realistic flight plans.

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Just have to clarify that the entire Middle East is not a war zone.