Anyone, atc at vohs?

Hey guys, is anyone willing to take ATC services AT Hyderabad airport for maybe an hour…pls!!

I can. Give me a few minutes

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I am bound to Hyderabad in 35 mins, so you can take some time :)

Are you At VOHY?

Nope, i am currently flying…starting descend in about 10 mins

I should arrive in about 35 mins

If you’re on the Training Server, please feel free to make use of this thread.

If you’re flying on the Expert Server, please note that IFATC controllers are free to open anywhere in the world at any time. These are volunteers that might not take your request, so do keep that in mind if nobody opens VOHS.

Oh, I see ok…cool I will wait if anyone is willing to take Hyderabad…if not Unicom for life! Btw I am on the expert server so yea

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