Anygood VA that I could join?

Hey I just reach grade 3 yesterday I just wonder how could I join a VA?


You can search the #live:va category for VA threads and follow the instructions on their thread and/or website to join. There are lots of awesome ones!

What does it mean by ranks?

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Different levels within the VA
Most VA’s require you to meet a certain level before you can fly more routes/aircraft


Those are different systems. Some airline require you to have a certain amount of hours before logging a flight with a specific aircraft. Such as after 20 hours of flying with “Infinite Flight VA” you can fly the 777-200.

not a real VA

Interesting 🤓

That’s not fun lol

That’s the way most if not all VAs work.

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A few of the newer ones allow you to fly whatever wherever as long as it’s in the route database

Is it possible not to join VA?

Yes; no one is going to force you to join anything.

Ok good I will join one day if I feel more confident

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Here´s a list of all approved Virtual Airlines as per the IFVARB:

All info regarding joining them can be found there, all VA´s have a unique part to them so it´s worth exploring several.

Get out there, enjoy yourself and see what works best for you personally.


First off, congrats on reaching Grade 3!

No worries. Take your time. While joining is a great way to meet new people in the community and fly with a bunch of new people round certain regions, joining a VA also requires a dedicated amount of commitment from yourself too as most VAs will require you to log at leat 1 to 2 flights every 30 days.

It’s not for everyone and may take you a couple of VAs before you finally find the one that suits your needs and wants perfectly, I know that was the case for me.

If you would like to join a VA where you can fly whatever aircraft whenever, I know the cargo VAs don’t usually require you to achieve a certain rank before being able to fly the majority of their fleet.


The whole point of ranks is to

A) Simulate real-life airline ranks
B) Show seniority within a VA. People look up to you if you have a lot of hours

VA’s are a lot of fun and are an excellent way to meet new people. I have been in 21 over my time here as well as own one of my own. It has grown my love for Infinite Flight and I loved every single one of them.


If you wish to join one now, I’d recommend you to go ahead and enjoy the VA world right away! Many VAs help the more “junior” pilots to gain confidence and improve their skills rapidly.
It’s a faster and more efficient way to learn the rules in a fun way with pilots who have also not felt that confident. VA pilots won’t tell you how bad you fly; instead they will congratulate you on successful maneuvers and give you tips on how / what to improve.
Most VAs have Flight Academies to help you make the most of what IF can offer in terms of flying techniques.
And I can confidently say that VAs don’t only have good pilots.
That said, there is no such thing as a good pilot, there are pilots that keep learning and keep helping others learn.


I recommend joining a virtual airline that’s right for you. Choose an airline that’s very special to you, one that you like most, or one that you think has good routes. Now, I can’t tell you which one I recommend, because then the community would flag it as advertising, so, I advise you to pick the right one!


This link her after could help a bit more.

As someone wrote earlier, pick a VA which you feel close too (personal reasons, geographical reasons, route network, fleet, lavatory cleanliness, you name it…).

It makes it more motivating to engage with a VA that you feel you wish to proudly represent when flying in IF.


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