Anybody want to work on an event with me?

I was just wondering if there was anybody that wanted to make an event and is willing to do it with somebody.

In the event (no pun intended) no one else does, check out some VA’s and see if you can apply as an event manager, there will be tonnes of options there.


Ok, I will go check some out!

The following link is all the open staff positions, granted you take @Sammy_Neale’s advice.

To find the available Event Manager positions, click Filter By Position > Events Manager > Find Jobs.


As mentioned above, you may join a VA that as open positions as “Events Manager” This will enable you to create events for the VA/VO.

Also, it is totally possible to work on an event with someone else. As an example, I and @CaptainZac are collaborating on our events and creating flights between the two events.

Hope this helps! 😄

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