Anybody want to join my next stream?

You will be featured on my stream if you decide to sign up!

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Please make a topic in #live:groupflights when your stream is going live.

Yes because it’s a forum where rules are rules. No one differs from anyone else, and we shouldn’t treat users differently. 😊


Well, I don’t believe you, but I’ll close it.

Yes because it’s the community rules…

Anyway jokes aside you can make a #live:groupflights topic for signing up and a #screenshots-and-videos topic to showcase your stream.


Pocketrishi started out small like you he would have to follow the same rules


Please create a flight in #live:groupflights if you are looking for people to join your flight. You can also post your stream in #screenshots-and-videos.

I recommend taking a look through these two topics linked below for further information: