Anybody wanna help me into recreating Tenerife Airport Disaster?

I need someone to be the KLM 747-400 (We dont have KLM 747-200 regular colors in Infinite Flight)

Why? I need to take a shot for some project I’m doing in school and it is about airplane crashes and how we can prevent them.

Sounds interesting, could you give me a time?

Like now would be perfect if you can please

Oh…, unfortunately right now I have some work to finish up. Sorry!

Alright then

If you needed chart for that project, let me know.

Maybe I can help. When do you need to do by or when are you thinking of doing this?

What he said earlier

Ok thank you. Not sure if now would be ok(is Friday good?)

Sure! That’s alright with me

When you will submit this school project?

Monday @ouzi

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