Anybody seen "ATIS" Lately'

Information is power. It’s the primary factor when closing the Decision Loop! ATIS provides critical & timely data necessary to close the Recovery Decision Loop me thinks. Last time I heard an ATIS Broadcast was about two weeks ago out of Palm Springs on the Advance. Rumor has it that one of the factors that keep ATIS off the air is the fact that “Controllers can’t type”! Hard to believe, Evers seen an 11 yr old girl with a cellphone, thumbs going like a barn afire. Everybody types today. Maybe its the Controller Training Cycle. No ATIS Lesson Plan on the Playground, hell it’s the Controller Schoolhouse, put it in the curricula. Add it to the “Open Station Check List” (if there is one). “Give me the tools and I’ll do the job right first time every time”. Please consider restoring/ implementing the “ATIS” Broadcast Systemwide (including the Playground) even if it’s barebones. Wind/Visibility & Rwy(s) in use. A pre-formatted fill in the blank menu item will work and will do me just fine, Thanks. (What do you think boys & girls?).
Just Sayin, Mad Max Sends


I would also love to see ATIS back in the flow. I haven’t seen ATIS in a month and it didn’t say anything at that time. I guess someone for got to type there message.

FYI, ATIS can only be access by ADVANCED CONTROLLERS 1 & above.

Sam, Knew Playground had no capability. Pls re read the text. The intent was to facilitate change. Thanks for the response. Regards, Mad Max Sends

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It aint that easy, it takes time and mostly when you open on advanced it gets pretty busy. I make my ATIS on my laptop and email it to my phone, then its just a copy / paste but still takes min 7 seconds which sometimes you don’t have…

It always sounds so easy from the other side ;)


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Do good work, Mad Max Sends

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Reminising, bottom line. Getting ready for “work” is sometimes as hard as the work itself. If taken, no disrespect intended, Mad Max Sends

My issue with ATIS is the constant updating it requires. When we have a 60 second window to respond to all pilot requests, it makes it inefficient to retype the entire thing. It also has to do with the fact we can’t simply edit ATIS. If winds change, we have to retype the ENTIRE broadcast, not simply change a number. Hopefully that can somehow be corrected in a future update so that feature can be more widely utilized.

@KCCO_WestOne Understand the dilemma. The Pre-formatted fill in the blank loop works!
Not being a Controller like you please use the suggestion at the next Controller meeting/round table (if you have them) as a Beneficial Suggestion. Thanks for your dedication and service. Mad Max Sends

It has been brought up. I personally copy and paste but that can eat up time as well. We all will get there eventually!